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MN Hygienic Line

After my friend Sondra and I completed the course called “Beekeeping in Northern Climates” (taught by Marla Spivak & Gary Reuter) at the U of MN, we ordered our honeybees:  the MN Hygienic Line.  What does the name mean?

New Direction for the MN Hygienic Line of Bees
Marla Spivak and Gary S. Reuter
“Gary Reuter and I, at the University of Minnesota, have been breeding honey bees for resistance to diseases and Varroa destructor since 1994 with the goal of reducing, or eliminating, the use of antibiotics and pesticides by beekeepers. Through our ongoing collaboration with MN and ND beekeepers, we have demonstrated that bees bred for hygienic behavior rarely, if ever, show clinical symptoms of American foulbrood or chalkbrood and have significantly fewer Varroa mites compared to unselected colonies. Hygienic bees resist these diseases and mites by detecting diseased or mite-infested brood and quickly removing the infected brood from the nest. The removal of the pathogen before it is infectious limits disease transmission, and removal of mite-infested pupae reduces the reproductive success of the mites.”  Read more



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