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The deadly virus – fungus combo that seems to play a big role in colony collapse disorder:

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Ooh… I can’t wait to visit the shop noted in this story!  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again:  Hurray for urban beekeepers!

bees san francisco

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Hurray for urban beekeepers!  “The New York City Beekeepers Association estimates there are now already 200 beekeepers in New York City since it became legal in April, with the majority in Brooklyn, and expect more soon – as the buzz spreads.”


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I’ve been under the impression that the evidence was inconclusive about whether the proliferation of mobile phones is tied to colony collapse disorder, but a new study seems to find a correlation.  More research needed.  But the big question is:  IF mobile phone radiation is contributing to the decline of honeybees (and other pollinators), what are we prepared to do about it??


bee phone

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More global coverage of the shocking news that a third of the honeybees in the U.S. did not survive the winter.


“Mankind has been managing and transporting bees for centuries to pollinate food and produce honey, nature’s natural sweetener and antiseptic. Their extinction would mean not only a colourless, meatless diet of cereals and rice, and cottonless clothes, but a landscape without orchards, allotments and meadows of wildflowers – and the collapse of the food chain that sustains wild birds and animals.”

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